khalsa is aslee…

khalsa is asleep 400 years ago i am the commander of the daughters of guru gobind singh ji  4 heatherwood drive hayes middlesex ub48tn 0208 707 3965  0r 07758440083. the gurdwars are a shrine to make crooks rich they are all hell goeers at death so wake up khalsa unite with me bro and sisters and wake the khalsa up its true beauty


19 comments on “khalsa is aslee…

  1. satbachan dhanjal commander of daughters of guru gobind singh ji says:

    the khalsa has been sleepig for a long ime it was the crook sikhs that introduced the kulak9THE MONEY BOX IN FRONT OF THR GRANTH SAHIB, IT WAS THE CROOKS SCAMMING THE GRANTH FOR MONEY LET US ATTACK THESE CROKS OLD MEN IN THE TEMPLES

  2. dude says:


    • dudu piss off u prick lurn the message of the khalsa ok dick head

    • dude or dodo yoiu prick i want to see you with the metropolitan police that i belong to why are you calling me alund the police want to tallk to you and ask you why as a sikh you are a hate crime man eh why i will have you arrested you idiot its a offence to asult some one in front of a person and the internet i wantthe police the metropolitain police to catch you and i wiant you to appear in court for harrasment and threatening behaviour you come to the police station or the police will come to you which ever i will have you arresested for harrasment and abusive language ok buddy

  3. jacket h says:

    are u high!!!
    tu ta ik lallu hai te mai teri bund par lana
    sala haramzada paenchoda!!!!

    • jacket h you are a nut arnt you you were born as a nut and u will always be a nut you nut case this is england write in english dick head are you mad or sad one or the other listern my taletubbis are lookig for u and they will say to you ” hahahahhahahhahhahhahahahha” dick head write in english dickhead , so write in english other wise dont waste other people time ok lallu teri bund par lana you are are a real sala you are a haramzada paenchoda you call ureself this you craz\y mother fucker nut

    • the metropolitan police are looking for you for abusive language in the internet please hand your self to the police otherwise they will find you themselves on way or anoter you will be caught and arreted ok buddy have a nice day

  4. jacket h says:

    are you on medication man what the hell are you talking about get a life freek fXXk u.

  5. the khalsa is from guru gobind singh ji the khalsa will florish in full glroy
    not by false thugs of the sikh birmingham i have reported you all thugs to the metropolitain police you come neatr me or the true sikhs you thugs and arseholes you will be arrested

  6. ian says:

    which idiot would be stupid to leave thier email add, phone number n postcode.. u must be completely mental.. u retard

  7. John Stevens says:

    u call urself a true sikh .. ur a bloody pillock if u ask me.. u must be in cuckooland to make up these stories

  8. Kelly ur ex wife says:

    Tu ta ik kuta ha, te mai tera sir par lana sala apna ki sumazda ya paenchoda

  9. arsehole says:

    you bastards claming to be sikhs are nothing but arseholes of the world a real sikh will never swear you bastards go to hell fuck off

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